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Hello there, and welcome.  I’m Nathan Schubick aka Shoobey.  Mostly cause people couldn’t pronounce my last name, so they chopped it and changed it… I wanted it spelled this way specifically for some reason, I’ve long forgot.  The point of this, is to finally have a home base to work from. So, what brings you here? What things from here interest you?

You could follow along on a fictitious rock and roll journey dubbed The Cube Van Chronicles, as characters and plots develop. Be the first to read excerpts from works in progress, strange audio mutations of familiar works, interesting wordplay and whatever else the muse deposits for our consumption.  An interesting life leading to more interesting life.  Hope is our goal and entertainment is our vehicle.

Artist, wordsmith, musician, doodler, tribal art enthusiast, husband, father to four, owner of dog, libertarian with conservative leanings, God searcher, all around im a lot of fun. What about you?

Have you got questions or ideas for posts or would like to guest post, or just simply to say hi? or connect with me on the various social sites at the clear bottom of this page. Gotta make you work for it, a little, lol. Peace and love yall. Paperback Edition Kindle Edition

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