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Been Jamming to a lot of open venues with some to moderate or nil people. I’m not going to let these seemingly defeated moments beat me. I’m gonna just show up and jam my heart out whether there is zero or hundreds.

Your art might take on a similar form. It is easy to get discouraged. When you do, i’d like to point out that your heroes had to face failure multiple or even tens of multiple times before they found their niche. What is your niche? I don’t know, but I do know that chasing it down will require a set of broad shoulders. The people aren’t aware you exist or that your art could help them. So, one simply keeps doing their art and presenting it public (or online) until the crowd gathers. Once the crowd gathers, one can’t help but smile and feel validated. The point is though, to feel validated because it is good for your soul only. The accolades are nice but if it all went away tomorrow, would you still be doing your art?

Don’t let the forlorn or forgotten feeling win. You are better than any amount of failures!

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