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A rude soldier

So yesterday working on the food cart grilling tacos, I was approached by a man after some grub. He told me he didn’t care for fireworks and that he had served his country and could give a rats ass about them. I told him thanks for his service and he said don’t bother.

At this very same instant, a lady came up and said, hey can I get a grilled cheese. I said sure and for some reason the veteran spoke up and said, we took a vote and you can’t be here. The girl was totally offended and I let a beat pass before replying that we took a vote after that and she could be here afterall. She kind of hunched over into a little timid ball in the corner and waited. Seeing her again after a flurry of orders, I noticed she was extremely upset.

So, we asked if she had a rough night and she did say that she had. Grr. I should have just countered his hurtful word right off. I should have stood up for her quicker. I should have paid a tad more attention to the situation and her radiation of sadness and turmoil.

Sadly I didn’t. And, not real sure that I spoke up fast enough to spare her seemingly fragile feelings. So, here is a smidge of wisdom for you.

Use your words to build people up, not tear them down.

Also, do not take others personally, what they say is a reflection of their feelings and not generally about your worth as a person. They hurt so they want someone else to hurt right along with them.

Be better than that. Much love.

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