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What we hide

The you that hides behind pleasantries and kindness and smiles. The you that determines to keep your attitude positive to keep haters from knowing they got to you. The insults that seemingly roll off your shoulders.

I’ve had to come to terms with some of this lately. There is another me behind the me you see. As, I am quite certain there is for all of us.

Getting rid of the mask is more of a self discovery than a magical unicorn finding you. I mean, that could happen and rainbow farting and leprechaun gold and the works, but, I happen to think its more likely by looking inward. Looking without malice towards yourself.

Now, its painful to go through this process and it may not work in a short time frame. It is undeniably worth it though when one finds their own character flaws. Fair warning, they will be hidden in the darkest, most hideous parts of your being. They will be covered with slime and disgusting mental creatures with ninety eight spines and thirty seven pincers and a stinging tail. The lightbulbs will be burnt out and shadows will envelop into an even darker presence.

So step in to that space and start installing some lightbulbs and knocking the cobwebs off and take a minute or two each day to sit there and go through some things. Peace all

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