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This is such a sweet book. Im learning all kinds of stuff about Mario and the history behind it… Might want to check it out if you played a nintendo ever. Enjoy the week. Workin with drummer tomorrow for hatchetflower originals. Really excited about the songs directions! The gig sat went awesome! Even got paid! Bombed like…

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Big question day

Is what im doing today pushing me towards my goals? Or is it me just playing it safe and sticking close to comfortable? I hope you answer this big question today to! Btw, i hate spam too, so it wont happen on my end, but could you subscribe today? Thank you so much. Also, check out the…

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A rude soldier

So yesterday working on the food cart grilling tacos, I was approached by a man after some grub. He told me he didn’t care for fireworks and that he had served his country and could give a rats ass about them. I told him thanks for his service and he said don’t bother. At this very same…

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What we hide

The you that hides behind pleasantries and kindness and smiles. The you that determines to keep your attitude positive to keep haters from knowing they got to you. The insults that seemingly roll off your shoulders. I’ve had to come to terms with some of this lately. There is another me behind the me you see. As,…

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